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    Tree Service Worcester MA

    Dealing with trees can be dangerous considering the size and weight. Which is why we recommend calling our professional arborists for assistance. Our company offers tree service in Worcester, Massachusetts. Whether you need tree removal, tree trimming, or stump removal, we are the best tree surgeons for you! We offer our services to areas within the 30 mile radius: Auburn, Oxford, West Boylston, Shrewsbury, Leicester and more! 

    Tree Company Worcester MA

    You can trust us for the job because we are state board certified arborists with many years of experience, and insured with liability and compensation insurance. We advise calling our professional tree surgeons for tree services because we are familiar with all tree types in Massachusetts, and we are knowledgeable. Relying on our expertise will not only guarantee quality results, it will also prevent future preventable damaging expenses. We are reputable for our amazing customer service. When given the job, we will walk you through the steps completely to ensure that you are satisfied with the decision and results. Give us a call if you need an insured tree service company in Worcester, Massachusetts or nearby areas.

    Tree Removal Worcester MA

    If you notice signs of discoloration and poor condition on the bark, leaves, flowers and/or fruit, your tree may be diseased or decaying. Many of our clients call us for tree removal service to prevent the spreading of diseases to nearby healthy trees and plants. Decaying trees are great habitats for harmful pests and fungus. Therefore, it is important to properly dispose of the tree before it brings unwanted bugs and mold onto the property. When given a call, our trained team of arborists will first inspect the trees to properly assess the next steps. We will remove the tree by trimming off the branches first to minimize the risks of injury and damaging nearby properties. Then we will clear out the wood and debris. We are confident in giving you the tree removal service that you desired. If you are interested in tree removal in Worcester, MA, feel free to give us a call!

    Tree Trimming Worcester MA

    Have you ever heard noises on top of a roof in the middle of the night? It may be the heavy wind causing the branches to scratch on your roof or a nest of animals. Squirrels and other animals alike can make a home on top of your house with the help of the tree branches, acting as the bridge. Some tree diseases start from the branches, trimming it would stop the spread from occurring. No matter the circumstances, our professional tree trimmers can ease your conscience. Just like trimming your hair, it is essential to trim your tree to prevent hazardous situations. As a tree service company in Worcester, MA, we also offer tree pruning, which involves cutting the branch at a specific part, promoting maximum growth and blossoming.

    Stump Removal Worcester MA

    It’s common for homeowners to make renovation plans on their yard, whether it’s for a swing set for their kids, a colorful garden, or even a jacuzzi. However, it could get frustrating when there’s a stump interfering with the landscaping. There are multiple ways to remove a stump, but we offer the 2 best methods to do so. We offer manual stump removal, which is the best method to extract the stump and roots completely, preventing re-growth. However, removing a stump can be labor intensive and expensive when done through manual digging. Which is why we offer stump grinding, which involves grinding the stump using a machine heavy duty power grinder. We will use the stump grindings as mulch, leaving the place spotless! If you want to get right into your landscape renovations, call us for stump removal and grinding services!

    Cabling and Bracing Worcester MA

    If you are looking to add structural stabilization while preserving the current condition of your trees, the cabling and bracing system may be for you! This is perfect for trees that have large branches that sways heavily in windy conditions, or for trees that tilt. Big branches can be hazardous as it could injure or damage nearby properties when it tears off the stem. We can prevent this from occurring by carefully placing the cable right under the branch, relieving the pressure and tension built up in the joints. Trees tilt due to the poor condition of the foundation and trunk, whether it’s from diseases or decay. Cabling and bracing can be used to pull the tree in the opposite leaning directions to help it grow straight upwards. If you are interested in this least invasive method of restoring balance to your trees and call for a tree assessment to decide whether a cabling and bracing system is needed.

    Emergency Tree Service Worcester MA

    When a storm hits, leaving your trees in pieces and damaging nearby surrounds, it could be frustrating to deal with. When emergency calls, we will not leave you hanging. We will assess, stabilize the place, and enact a restoration plan. We will trim the struck parts of the tree and hang dead branches. Along with that, we will clear the debris leaving the place back to normal! You can rest assured that our tree pros are insured with compensation and liability insurance, therefore, you can trust that we’ll get the job done in an unstable environment. If you are ever in need of emergency tree services around the Worcester area, we are ready to assist you!

    Commercial Tree Service Worcester MA

    As a tree service company in Worcester, we understand the risk factors and extra responsibilities that come with commercial tree service. We pride ourselves for our efficiency and professionalism. In the business industry, time is valuable, but so is quality work. Our team always works in the most efficient manner yet provides the best results. Whether you need tree removal, trimming or stump removal, we can do it all at your convenience! We are strict on our safety guidelines, so you can rest assured that your employees, and customers will not be affected by our work. After the process, we will clear out the debris, leaving the place in excellent condition!


    The best tree service in Worcester area. They removed an oak tree quickly and efficiently, and they cleaned up after. Very pleased with their work and cost.

    Harvey G.

    They did an amazing job in removing a large stump from my from yard. Professional, quick and friendly. Will be using their services for tree removal in the future.

    Jean A.

    We had two large trees removed on our property. The crew was very pleasant and knowledgeable. Highly recommend them for any tree work.

    Peter M.

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    We offer our tree services to Worcester, Auburn, Oxford, West Boylston, Shrewsbury, Leicester and more! Call today to get a free estimate for tree removal, tree trimming, stump removal, stump grinding and more.